New podcast!

Composable Commerce Leaders Podcast

Are you ready to hear from the brightest leaders in the industry about the future of composable commerce?

In this podcast series, Spryker co-founder and CEO, Boris Lokschin will discuss and interview industry thought leaders, founders, and senior executives driving innovation in the composable commerce space across various industries, composition building blocks and verticals highlighting the different capabilities and pieces of a truly composable enterprise.

We believe that composable commerce is the future and we can’t wait to hear these amazing leaders share their insights with the global community.

Boris Lokschin

Podcast Host & E-Commerce Entrepreneur

With two decades of building enterprise commerce technology businesses behind him, Boris is undoubtedly an expert in digital commerce and digital transformation. In this new podcast series Boris won't just focus on the technology side of things. Instead, he'll dive deep into the business processes and strategies driving success. Because as we all know, it's not about technology alone. It's about composing outcomes beyond technology!

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